A downloadable game for Windows

This game is still in development !

It's my personnal tribute to the Classic Sid Meier's Game : Pirates !

In this little demo, you can see :

  • A 2D World map Generator !
  • A wind system where you have to search the best way to use your boat against or with the wind.
  • A Shoot's engine with your boat.
  • Your Captain where you reach an Island to travel !
  • And more ...

For now, the main langage is in French, but there are a few information, you can play the game without difficulty.

Install instructions

Boats & Guns Demo

Type or Click B&G.exe to play !

Commands in game :

  • Enter to Start the World Map and play.
  • Arrows Keys to move your boats and raise the sails ( Up or Down )
  • Q ( or A ) for left fire, D for Right fire, Z ( or W ) to straight fire.
  • F to toggle screen.
  • Escape to quit the demo.
  • M ( or , ) to show the World's Map.
  • In land, use arrows Key to move your captain.

Have a nice game !


Boats & Guns.zip 5 MB