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Have you ever heard of Commando ? Who Dares Win 2 ? Ikary Warrior ?? Maybe not, many of you weren't even born at this time (almost 30 years ago !). Papi Commando is a tribute to these games and takes place in a war where an old warrior fights against his mortal enemies : the CePlusPlus and Javascribblers ... Destruction in sight !

Many destructive weapons !

Papi will start the game with six weapons that will have their own type of ammo. You'll have to deal with their stocks :

  1. 44 Magnum : This is the basis weapon. Medium fire rate, unlimited range, it will allow you to act as a sniper.
  2. Uzi 9mm : It's the machine gun weapon. Insane fire rate, unlimited range, it will permit to eradicate your enemies in no time as it will empty your stock of ammo !
  3. Grenade : Tactical weapon very useful against a bunch of enemies but a little bit more difficult to handle.
  4. Commando's knife : Out of ammo ? We don't care, Papi has a big shiny, bloody knife on his side ! With that weapon you'll be able to cut through your enemies' throats and double your score ! But beware of not touching them while doing so, they know how to defend themselves !
  5. Bazooka BOOM : You always need some big massive weapon to deal with Bunkers, Jeeps and Zodiacs.
  6. The KrushUrFace Cal.12 : Want to do some little massacre ?? This weapon is MADE for YOU !! Firing 5 projectiles at a time on a short range, no one will resist you !

During the game, ammunition crates will be parachuted (Bullets & Grenades) to help you. Those crates are fragile though and will explode with the most little impact ... so be careful !
Rockets for the bazooka are dropped by enemy vehicles when destroyed.

Objectives and gaming modes !

To clear a stage, you'll have different objectives : Eliminate (Kill every foe of the level), Object Recovery (Get back your Commostrad possessed by one random unit in the level), Destruction (Destroy bunkers, trains) If the game is not challenging enough to your likes, you can activate one of the three mods available !

You can even activate them all if you want :

  1. Zombies !! : Killed units will transform into zombies with an urgent need of fresh meat !
  2. Storm Panic ! : A big storm is bringing lots of lightnings, try to avoid those electric nightmares !
  3. Friendly Fire : Enemy units can kill each other (okay THAT doesn't increase the difficulty).

A powerful Free tool included !

The MapViewer included in game can show you the 22 hard stages of the game. Very useful if you want to prepare your strategy before the game !

Let the massacre begin !

The game at this point is complete, 100 % Free version and Windows Only ( all version compatible )

( The Linux version was bugged, but you can play the windows version with Wine tool's compatibility. )

Have fun !

Release date Jul 12, 2015
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorStudio Vetea
Tags16-bits, 2D, 8-bits, Action-Adventure, Arcade, commando, papi-commando, Pixel Art, Retro, vetea
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any), Joystick
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls, High-contrast


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hi and big thx for this great game. i love it. i mad a little video. i hope you like it. greetings from germany and 5/5 :)

Hey and thanks for your video !! Hope you enjoy this game .. You can test some Mods ( Zombie/Storm ) and try to reach the 22 zones of the game !! Have fun !! :D

hi, thx a lot :)